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Required Bankruptcy Procedures & Credit Counseling

Make sure that you are completing all of the necessary bankruptcy procedures with assistance from Porter Law Network in Chicago, Illinois. Ms. Porter is highly-trained in an array of helpful services, such as outlining the steps toward successfully filing bankruptcy.

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First Step: Complete Consumer Credit Counseling

The bankruptcy law has a consumer credit counseling requirement. You must complete the credit counseling and obtain a certificate in order to be eligible to file a bankruptcy case. Be aware that there is a fee for this counseling service.

Many companies offer credit counseling. Ms. Porter's company, DebtorCC™, can be reached at (800) 610-3920. Another company, Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Counseling, can be reached at (800) 947-3752.

Second Step: Prepare Your Documents

In order to continue this legal process, you must have an accurate record of certain papers. The documents that are required include:

• Consumer Credit Counseling Certificate
• Complete List of All Your Creditors

• Copies of Your Paystubs or Proof of All Income for the Last Six Months
• Copy of Your Most Recent Tax Return

Third Step: Schedule Your Appointment

The third step of these financial proceedings involves scheduling an appointment with me. For your convenience, these appointments can be made over the phone or online.

Contact Ms. Porter to receive support from a renowned attorney as you complete necessary bankruptcy procedures.